Battlefield 3

I have been enjoying playing BF3.  It works really well with my new computer setup (i5 CPU, 8GB Ram, new MB, GT750 GPU).  The graphics are astonishing.

But I still suck at it.

1.  When I shoot people, they shrug it off.  Then they shoot me back and I die fast.

2.  I cannot control any flying vehicle.  Planes and helos all crash when I am at the controls.

3.  I like to be the gunner in the attack helo, but even when I have an enemy vehicle locked in my sights, I empty the whole magazine at it and it drives away unscathed.

4.  When I am in the tank, the attack helo guns kill me instantly and there is no running away from them.  When I am manning the 50 cal in the tank, I can shoot at helos all day long, hit them several times and they can still fly away after killing me.

5.  Air defense missiles and anti-tank missiles are useless to me.  I launch them and the enemy vehicle launches a flare or pops smoke and my missiles don’t hit them.  Their missiles ALWAYS hit me no matter what I do.

6.  When I am along for the ride in a helo, the pilot will crash for no reason at all and kill me.

7.  When I am shooting at dismounted personnel with a 50 caliber MG, I often have to hit them 4 or 5 times to kill them.  This is insane.

8.  It kills me that there is no in-game built-in voice communication.  You cannot play as a team if you cannot talk to your team members.  Even two people in the same vehicle can’t talk to each other.

I am guessing that there is some sort of built-in level-up mechanism that makes the higher level players more effective.  Their shots hit more often where they aim. Their missiles do more damage when they hit, etc.

The game is quite frustrating.  I seem to do the best repairing other people’s vehicles.

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2 Responses to Battlefield 3

  1. Og says:

    Well, it is after all a game. Mere real life experience is no match for being able to play a game.


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